Did You Know…

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The Sylvania Police Division has Officers ready and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

If you have an emergency, please call 911. An EMERGENCY is any situation that threatens human life or property and demands attention immediately.

If your needs involve a non-emergency and would like to speak with an Officer, please use our non-emergency number 419-255-8443. Any other questions can be answered by calling 419-885-8902 during normal business hours. Read more

The Sylvania Police Division Office Hours

The Sylvania Police Division maintains regular office hours Monday thru Friday 8am to 8pm excluding holidays.

The Sylvania Police Division provides a fingerprinting service for residents

The Sylvania Police will fingerprint City of Sylvania residents or any employee of a business in the City of Sylvania for a set fee. Read more

The Sylvania Police Division offers a house check program

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Sylvania police will come and attempt to unlock your vehicle

Some vehicles cannot be accessed with the tools we have. In that case, the officer may advise you to contact a locksmith for further assistance.

The Sylvania Police Division offers a free child safety seat program

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Are You OK?

The Sylvania Police Division offers a computer-automated telephone reassurance system that contacts subscribers once each day. If you are a senior citizen, you are disabled, or you feel you would benefit from daily contact with the Sylvania Police, then R.U.O.K. is for you. Read more

Sylvania Police has Career Opportunities

The Sylvania Police Division has a Police Explorer Program to allow young adults ages 14 to 20 years of age the opportunity to learn about a career in criminal justice. Read more

Sylvania Police has Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities to serve the community as a police volunteer. Read more

A permit is required for block parties and parades

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